3D Tiles zidni paneli


Eco-friendly product

Natural compounds

Easy installation

Easy maintenance

Unlimited choice of colours


Three-dimensional panels based on composite
material made of gypsum reinforced with fibres


3D Tiles System
decorative panels

3d zidni paneli u dnevnoj sobi
3d zidni paleni valoviti u dnevnoj sobi

3D Tiles system of wall panels based on composite material
made of high-quality gypsum reinforced by fibres frees
your creativity related to wall surfaces decoration into third dimension.
Our unique 3D panels with original design
are made of natural materials and are 100% eco friendly.
Installation is truly simple – easy system of groove and
tongue on panel’s side edges.
It substantially reduces human error during installation.
Since joints between panels are filled with a filler and
afterwards the whole wall is painted, what you get is a
unique monolithic design without disrupting individual
elements by grout as it is done with ceramics or rock.
Even though one can play with the form of 3D panels,
we should not ignore the play of light and shadow achieved
by careful planning of type and position of lighting.
We recommend using bright matte colours for finish due
to greater contrast with dark shadows and lower visibility of joints.

Origami studio zidni panel
Prskanje različitih boja

3D Tiles system of panels is a perfect
solution for interior decorating. Our designs will
enrich and improve the quality of every interior
and with every day cooperation with designers the
choice of new models is growing. Since 3D panels are
painted with wall paint after installation, every user
chooses the shade of colour that best suits the interior
and the choice is almost unlimited.

Grafikon sa linijama plavih boja

3D Tiles system of panels has extremely
interesting acoustic properties due to
its three-dimensional nature.

Ikonica koja preporučuje 3d zidne panele za izolaciju
Icon of private homes
Ikonica koja predstavlja kafe bar i restoran
Ikonica biznis centra
Icon of hotels and shopping centers
Icon of private homes caffes and restorants

The groove-and-tongue system facilitates installation and minimizes human error during installation,
whereas the distancer ensures an even distance between wall 3D panels.

3D slojevi zidnog panela