3D Tiles System modeli

3D Tiles system of panels is a perfect solution for interior
decorating. Our designs will enrich and improve the quality
of every interior, and with every day cooperation
with designers the choice of new models is growing.
If you have specific requirements for 3D panels based on your or
our design, feel free to call and we will do our best to fulfil
your expectations.
Dimensions of our 3D panels are 60x60cm, whereas the thickness varies from 2-4cm depending on design itself.

Contact us by phone at +385 1 3644 1211 or email us at: info@3DTiles.com

Origami zidni panel u dnevnoj sobi sa ugaonom garniturom
Triangles model 1
Waves model 2


Thanks to tongue and groove system
and distancers at the
sides of 3D Tiles panels,
the installation is simple.

Rose model 3
Buttons model 4
Origami model 5


After designer’s sketch every 3D panel
is modelled on the computer
and constructed on high-precision CNC machine,
which guarantees perfect continuation without sudden disruptions on every our design.

Hexy model 6
Ocean model 7
Waves 2 model 8
Flames model zidnog interijera
Stars model 3D Tiles zidni panel
Pyramid model 3D Tiles zidni panel
Isječak ispucalog zidnog panela


All our 3D panels are hand made
from natural compounds
with high content of best quality gypsum.

Primer valovitog zidnog panela
Primjer kockastog zidnog panela
Tapestry model 3D Tiles zidni panel


Since our 3D panels are made
and delivered in white colour,
they are painted only after installation on walls,
which enables unlimited choice of colours.

Dunes model 3D Tiles zidni panel
Model kockastog 3d panela