3D Tiles wall panels
08 Feb

3D Tiles wall panels

3D Tiles panels are made of special strong gypsum, completely different from what the competition uses. We use super strong gypsum, whereas the competition uses regular beta types of gypsum, which is of lower price, not as strong nor with as many details shown.

3D Tiles wall panels are an eco friendly product made of natural ingredients. The specific feature of 3D Tiles wall panels is the unique system of groove and tongue, which minimizes the number of errors after installation because it simply does not allow the installer to install panels in the wrong way. There is also a system of 1 mm distancer, which is the reason why there is no need to use crosses at the attach points during panels installation.

Our panels are different than competitors’ by its design which is completely original and developed inside our design studio as well as in cooperation with external designers.

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